Monday, April 8, 2013


I just couldn't resist.   It looked so quick and easy.   And it was.   It really, really was.

#scrappytripalong done!  And thank goodness for tall husbands with really long arms!
Here is a picture of the quilt with my lovely husband (aka quilt holder).

I used all fabrics from my stash.   Once I had pulled a bunch of them out - I created a few rules:
1. No reds, blacks, or browns.
2. Stick to cool colors.

I think i was pretty successful in this.   There's one particular Lizzy House print that reads more "red" than the purple it is, but other than that I think all the colors are working well together.  As I look at the picture, I also see that the quilter's linen in dark purple looks black.   I also wish it had been left out, but I was trying to give the quilt a lot of different values.   I think it would have looked better if I'd stuck to all light/medium value fabrics.

I backed the fabric in grey sheet that came from a sheet set I had bought for backing a queen size bed quilt.   I'm glad to have used it!   The binding is a light grey herringbone, Riley Blake, I believe?

This quilt is headed to my sister-in-law's family.   They have been very generous with baby items.   Clothes, toys, essentials.   Just my way of paying them back!   Plus, we don't need any more quilts.  :)

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