Monday, September 9, 2013

Baby Showers & a New Project

My best friend is having a baby.   So this means lots of sewing on my part, right??

I decided on sewing up two fabric baskets for her using Noodlehead's Divided Basket Pattern.  Here they are:

Divided basket I made using an @noodlehead531 pattern and #cloud9fabrics

My friends 2nd baby shower gift.   She said she broke her phone, so hopefully I'm safe posting this early!

I included some goodies in both baskets.   Basic baby essentials.   Butt paste, Tylenol, Motrin, burp rags, bottle brush, and some wipes.   (Not all pictured.)

I edged the burp rags with leftover pieces of 2.5" strips I had laying around from my scrappytripalong quilt.   There were 10 in all.

I enjoyed the pattern.   It was pretty easy to assemble, and once you made the lining it goes together really quickly.   I also enjoyed using fusible fleece.   It was my first time, and I think I'm going to have to get some more to use again!

My friends were all a-wonder at how everything went together.  They asked things like "how did you do it?!?"   My reply was "magic".   Why?   Well, every time I try to get my friends to come over and sew, or for me to teach them how to sew, they shrug it off like they could never accomplish something like this.   I try to tell them that I follow patterns.   That I research tutorials on the internet.   That it's all about just doing it and getting it wrong a few times until you get it right.   It's frustrating.   But what can you do?   I can't make them.  It's my hobby, not theirs.

But they all just love my hand-made presents.   I'm thinking that next year for my birthday, we're going to have a dedicated sew-in day.   I'll teach them to sew.   I could even gather up a few extra machines so everyone has one.   :)

I currently have 2 quilt tops mid-assembly.  (Not counting the ones that are basted.)   I also have a few blog posts in order over completed projects... they're coming!   I need good pictures.
#1:  AMH voile St. Louis 16-patch
I am in love with this guy!   I just couldn't resist cutting into my AMH voiles after being inspired by @lilysquilts !

I have 14 blocks.   And I love it.   But I'm putting this on hold for my new completely awesome....

#2: AMH Hand-Drawn Garden Double Wedding Ring Quilt
My first "block"?   I'm going to have to plan then sew each block, so it's going to be time consuming!

Here's a picture of the first block.   Currently, I'm at the first two rows being completely finished.   I'm making it Twin sized, which will end up being 5x6 of those main "squares" you see.   The cutting is complete, but the piecing takes forever.   There's not a tutorial for the specific DWR templates that I'm using.   (EZ Quilting acrylic templates)   I've had to cobble together some information from other tutorials, quilt alongs, and youtube videos.   I think I've got it completely figured out so that I can get perfect points though.   This is quite refreshing, because I've got a lot of fabric awaiting assembly.   I hate to let it down.  

I mainly post updates on my instagram account, @elizthany if you want to keep up with me.   I had a complete "OMG!" moment on instagram the other day.   THE Anna Maria Horner "liked" my picture.   Yes.   I know.   She's just a person.   But I would totally freak out over meeting her!   I am totally kicking myself that I didn't attend QuiltCon and go to one of her sessions, especially when it was so very close.   Oh well.   Another day!

Hope you have a lovely week!