Monday, April 8, 2013


I've been busy!   I've made lots of new things, but no quilts.   I have a sketch for my next one though. We will see if it actually comes to life...

First, an Easter basket.
A little Easter present!
No pattern, no real plan.  I knew how the construction was, so in my crazy head I though it'd all be ok!   In reality, it's floppy, too wide, and the walls of the basket part are too short.   Oh well.   It's cute!   Hopefully it'll prove useful carrying babies around or something...

Second, a Miss Maggie bunny from Posy Gets Cozy.

Miss Maggie is finished!  Now I have to start on her clothes so she's not naked tomorrow morning...

Here is the finished bunny.   I wrapped up bunny construction on Saturday night.   Then I whipped up the dress a little quicker than I would have liked to.   Here's a picture of Claire and Miss Maggie:

Take a picture of miss Maggie mama!
"Take a picture of Miss Maggie Momma!"
All the work was worth it because in the morning Claire got this really excited grin, grabbed the doll and whispered to her really quietly "We're going to be best friends.   You can sleep with me."   Melted my heart!

I have yet to complete the boots and the cape.   I haven't finished the boots because I've been busy with other stuff, and I haven't finished the cape because it looks terri-bad.   No, really.   I'm really glad it's a gift for a 3 year old.  

Third, I made Claire a dress!
I made Claire a dress!   Im quite proud of myself.  :)
Here it is!  

I used the Roller Skate Pattern from Oliver + S.   The fabric is from the Habitat Line by Jay McCarroll.   I got it $6/yd a few months ago.   There's enough fabric left Mommy might need a matching shirt!   Claire also really loved this.   She wore it all day long, and the next day, and made sure I was washing it so she could wear it again.   I made the size 5.   It was a really good fit.   A little big in the arm holes, but not exposing.   I have another all ready to go - a pink AMH voile this time!   The only thing I'm not fond of is the lining color.   I didn't think about it (next time I will), but I wish it were a color not so obvious.   Or I could have picked a really cute color, hot pink, light blue, etc.   It was easy to construct and I'm planning on finishing up #2 this week!

Next time I'll talk about my private swap with my sewing buddy and everything else I've been up to!


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