Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quilts needing to be Quilted...

I've been working on what I'm dubbing the "Spinning Ombre Stars" Quilt.   Here's an updated picture of the quilt top sewn together:

Quilt top complete!   Basting and quilting will commence tonight... Ready to get this DONE!!

I'm really impressed with how it looks.   It turned out exactly as I envisioned it!   Since this picture, I've basted the quilt, and hand-quilted about 80% of it.   I'm hand-quilting inside each ring and star.   If that makes sense.   I backed the quilt with a sketch flannel in dark blue that I had originally purchased for my #scrappytripalong quilt, but once I auditioned it with the quilt, it just didn't work.   I think I would have preferred a lighter blue, but the blue I had worked well enough.   This quilt isn't staying with me, so if it's not perfect, nobody will be the wiser.   I'm hoping to get some quality TV time in tonight to catch up on some shows I've been neglecting, so hopefully it will be all quilted up by the end of the weekend!   I'm going to try something new for the binding (maybe), a scrappy ombre binding, following the light to dark that the rings are making.   If that looks terri-bad, I'll just go for a normal binding.   Oooh, maybe a low-volume binding?   Always nice to have backup ideas.

The next quilt that is awaiting the needle and thread treatment is my Feather Bed Quilt.
This.   This is happening tonight. #ilovenightswithgrandparents #annamariahorner #featherbedquilt #fieldstudy

Here's a picture of it before I sewed up the top.   It's twin size, but unfortunately due to my inability to print out a pattern is a little short of the dimension in the pattern.   It's not too bad, and it will still fit on a twin bed quite nicely, I'm just a little irritated.   For the feather stems, I used Kona Marine.   It's a really pretty blue.   This is currently basted and backed in the pink woodcut fabric from AMH's Innocent Crush line.   I got that fabric at a steal from for a measly $5/yd (or something really close to that price, it's been too long!).   I have no idea how to quilt this one.   I've been toying around with a few ideas.  
1) horizontal lines in between the feathers(1" or 3" apart?), outline the feathers and up the stem
2) horizontal lines across the whole quilt
3) outline feathers and up the stem

Options #1 & #2 would be a lot of work.   #3 would be easy.   But I'm keeping this quilt, so a lot of work doesn't phase me that much.   I'm leaning towards #1, but the sheer amount of work is kind of making me hesitate.

Lastly, on a slightly different note:  never buy the white on white fabric.   It's terrible to cut, machine and hand sew.   The bigger dots more than the little dots.   I hate the big dot Robert Kaufman white on white fabric.   Hate.   Here's a picture of what you shouldn't buy:
This white on white fabric is NOT fun to Hand quilt.   :( the "white" is like paint.   Eww.

Oh, and if you have to unpick your stitches, it totally shows.   Those white dots are paint!   Totally gross.

Here's to hoping it's not a month and a half before my next blog post!