Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Xmas Pillow Swap

Here's the "stuffed" picture of my new pillows!

My new Christmas Pillows!

They were made for me by my sewing buddy Emily.   She said they were her first pillows ever!   She did such a good job making them.   The star one on the left might have a permanent spot on my couches.  :)

@esposetta seriously gives the BEST gifts!! I got a hand made cowl!  I love the color!  Claire had to try it on immediately, but I've taken it back and told her she's never to touch it again, lol!  And I'm going to go make the pillow forms right now!  Can

She seriously spoiled me with this swap.   I got those chocolate goodies, which Claire demanded to have one of right away, some Tula Pink scraps, Thangles (can't wait to try them out!), a sample of Soak, and a drawstring pouch that had the best gift of all - a hand-knit by her cowl!   I feel so incredibly spoiled.   Claire wanted to wear it, but I took it away and told her never to touch it again!   It's all mine.  :)   And isn't that bottom left face hilarious?   I told her to smile.   That's what I got.   Ha!

She should get her package on Monday - and I'll write a post detailing what I sent!  

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