Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wiksten Tank

Whew!   I'm giving my blog a workout today, huh?!?

Last one, I swear!

Well, I braved the whole "cutting into my AMH fabric".   I love it!   I made a size medium and took in the sides about an inch on both sides.   If I hadn't done that it would have been way too blousey for me.  I like shirts/tops to fit close to my body.

Here's the dress on me:

Finish #2 today: #wiksten tank using #annamariahorner #fieldstudy

And a side view, so you can really see how much I brought it in:


This was super simple to make!   I can easily see myself making a whole army of these for my closet.  

Quilts and Mug Rugs tomorrow!

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